Math department adds Mason to team


Alysa Dixon

Trinity Mason

Alysa Dixon, Staff Reporter


   Following the footsteps of her mother and grandma new geometry teacher Trinity Mason is teaching her first class at George County High School this year. 

    ¨My mom and grandmother were both teachers, so it was expected of me to be too. Also being in the classroom with my mom really influenced me to be a teacher,¨Mason said.

     Mason attended three different colleges including Pearl River Community College, and Mississippi State University, along with William Carey after she graduated from George County High School in 2017. 

   Before graduating from Willaim Carey, Mason went to Pearl River to study physical therapy.  

   When she transferred to Mississippi State she decided to switch her major to elementary education. In order for Mason to be eligible to teach at a high school level, she had to take an upper-level Praxis test and pass it. 

    ¨I was exempt from taking my elementary Praxis test, but in order to teach high school geometry I had to take the upper education Praxis test and pass,¨ Mason said.

    Her biggest class pet peeve is her students not having a pencil for class. Mason’s favorite teaching strategies include a lot of peer tutoring and group work. She believes this helps her students excel in her class.

      Mason is a lifelong resident of George County and is expecting her first child later this year. 

   Mason’s motto that she strives to live by is,¨ Live life to the fullest you never know when it is your last day to live.¨