Havard joins CTE department


Khalyce Griffin

Havard poses with skeleton.

Khalyce Griffin, Staff Reporter

   From patients rolling into the hospital left and right, to students rolling into her classroom door, new health science teacher Haylee Havard has arrived at GCHS.

   Havard has been a nurse for 12 years before deciding to take the job and plans to continue at George County Regional.

   “I plan to work here full time, and at the hospital as needed,” Havard said.

   Havard is originally from Helena, Arkansas, but has lived in Lucedale for 10 years with her husband, who is from here. She met her husband at Delta State University where they both attended college.

   “I was a Kappa Delta and he was a Captain Alpha, which was a fraternity and sorority and that’s how we met,” Havard said.

   When not at the hospital or school, Havard usually enjoys running.

   “None of my family likes to run, so I just do it by myself. It’s like a stress reliever for me where I can focus on myself,” Havard said.

   Havard’s first impression of the high school was overall very welcoming and warm.

   “I really like Mrs. Glass; she really helps me out a lot,” Havard said.

   This year, Havard says that she looks forward to teaching her classes information that will stick with them when they venture out into the nursing field as well.