CTE construction program builds tiny home


Jaida Strahan

The CTE construction class continues to build on the house project.

Ben Wallace, Staff Reporter

   CTE’s construction class has recently started its newest project: a tiny home.

   Construction teacher Josh Spears says that the project so far is going great.

   “Everything is running smoothly, everyone is doing their part, and we haven’t had any major hiccups,” Spears said.

   The project is being funded by a private benefactor that, upon completion, will be rented out to the community.

   The students will work on it themselves while Spears evaluates and checks their work, making necessary corrections.

   “I mean it’s a great project, it covers all of our core curriculum, and it’s a way for the students to get hands-on experience,” Spears said.

   The project is all on schedule so far with the project expected to finish sometime in May, a week or so before the end of school.

   “We just finished the rough framing, we should be able to move outside with it next week and start focusing on the finer details,” junior Jacob Eubanks said.

   The students will soon move on to drying it in and finish work like the floors.

   Eubanks is one of the more prominent students working on this project, along with junior Gage Reeves, and seniors Edwin Gonzalez, Colin Havard and Case Crawley.

   The class is hopeful to have several more projects like this soon if everything continues to work out.