Price increases affect students’ wallets

Alysa Dixon, Staff Reporter

Inflation is an issue people are facing worldwide due to it skyrocketing in the past couple of years. 

   Statistics have shown that the economy of the United States has slowed and the risk of recession is elevated. Inflation has hit historically high levels across the United States making life harder for teens and their families. However, actions are taking place to help bring down the inflation rate in the United States. 

   According to, the Federal Reserve will continue to raise interest rates to reduce demand which should bring down inflation. Multiple things are causing inflation to be so costly, including the higher wages caused by the lack of workers, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and supply shortages affected in part by China’s refusal to fully ramp up because of COVID-19 fears. 

   With high inflation affecting the nation, it has come as far as George County affecting the students and staff of George County High School, including their families. A few of the main things that have skyrocketed because of the rise in inflation is gas, diesel, and food. According to AAA¨ The national average gas price as of February 1 is $3.501 however, the average price in Mississippi is $3.161. 

   There are multiple ideas as to what inflation is and how it affects certain people. According to the U.S. government and economic teacher Lesley Lindley,¨ Inflation is basically an increase in the amount of how much something costs while the value decreases.¨ 

   However, history teacher Murray Cowart states,¨Inflation is too much money in the economy which means people are spending too much money and then prices go up which results in a shortage of merchandise.¨

   Junior Gage Magee works at Crosby Seafood to be able to pay for things that are affected by inflation. However, he still needs help from his parents on occasion. 

   ¨Gas was two bucks now it is three so I sometimes have to ask my mom to help out which I do not like doing,¨ Magee said

    Senior Klay Fryfogle saves money to be able to afford things with inflation by buying the generic version of products. 

   ¨Not a big difference between off-brand and name brand, so I buy off-brand because I’m cheap,¨ Fryfogle said 

  Junior Leeann McKissick works 40 hours a week to be able to afford diesel for her car along with eating out.

¨Now that I can drive I eat out a lot and that’s not cheap and diesel is nearly $5 a gallon I have to work 40 hours to be able to afford this,¨ Mckissick said

    Junior Gavin Hathorn works making $8 an hour to afford gas to get back and forth to school and work. 

   ¨Driving to school and work every day is a struggle with inflation making gas prices so high so I can not make any special trips anywhere that waste gas,¨ Hathorn said. 

   Overall inflation is a major crisis across the world affecting teens and their families every day, making it costly to do anything or go anywhere.