Elementary schools hold groundbreaking ceremonies


Jaida Strahan

Agricola and Central schools will soon begin construction projects.

Jaida Strahan, Executive Editor

   Last Friday the school district held two ceremonies at Central and Agricola Elementary for the new groundbreaking additions happening this year. 

   Earlier that morning district office employees and school staff gathered at Agricola Elementary where a ceremony was held for the new addition and renovations to the gymnasium. Following that ceremony was another at Central Elementary for the addition of four new classrooms. 

   Central had their last building additions made in 2014.

   “We are up to 700  plus students and we have overcrowded classrooms so when Mr. Whitney, Mr. Mathis and Mr. Davis all came up with what we were gonna do to alleviate some of our overcrowding. We were more than pleased and grateful,” Central Principal Sherry Pilkington said. 

   The planning for this has taken time; it was not recently that it came about. For both of these major projects the planning has been in the works for a few years now. 

    Other schools have received improvements such as brand new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

   This is only the start of what the school district has in store for the future.