New basketball star Tristan Pugh


GCHS Journalism

Senior Tristan Pugh sets up to block opposing shot.

Ben Wallace, Staff Reporter

   With the end of basketball season approaching comes the spotlight on our star players.

   One of those players is shaping up to be senior Tristan Pugh, who is a starter on the varsity team.

   Pugh plays as a shooting guard and transferred here from Mobile this year. In addition to being a starter, he also plays with a disability.

    “When I was born, my umbilical cord was wrapped around my hand so they to cut it off,” Pugh said.

   Pugh has been playing basketball for as long as he can remember and has strived not to let his disability hold him back.

    “Stuff that people normally do with two hands I learned to do with one hand, it don’t really affect me that much,” Pugh said.

   This season has been relatively successful for Tristan, averaging seven points a game and a few rebounds and blocks as well. Despite recently moving here, Pugh has bonded very well with his teammates.

   “Tristan moved here from Mobile this year, he stepped in as if he’s been with them since they got here,” head basketball coach Bradley said.

   Bradley and Pugh strive to increase his confidence and how he approaches the game, specifically on how he works on the court defensively. He is continuously trying to improve his skill on the court.

    “His weakness would be again, defense,” Bradley said.

   Tristan’s job as a shooting guard means he is heavily involved in the team’s offense. The team focuses on a motion-tight offensive that heavily plays toward Pugh’s strengths.

    “His ability to stretch the floor, people can’t back off of him cause that leaves him open for threes,” Bradley said.

   Altogether, Pugh has been and continues to do his best and be an example of working hard to beat one’s challenges. 

  “Just work, just work. Don’t let other people criticize you about it. Say for instance like if someone says “you can’t do it” just use it as motivation, that’s what I do and it’ll take you a far long way,” Pugh said.

   Overall Pugh has worked as hard as possible to do his best this season.