Art students replace tiles in city park


Gavin Bradley

Art tiles in the park theater are being replaced by student’s art.

Gavin Bradley, Staff Reporter

   This year, George County High School is looking to add a splash of color to our park.

   Shane Skinner’s art students are repairing the art wall in the park by creating more art tiles.

The high school art classes have been working on this project for the last 15 years. Every student decorates five tiles with whatever they choose, and each tile can have a meaning, or have no meaning at all.

“ I drew like a fox and a drone and some sort of scenic view with hills and a river and the sun,” senior Steven Hatcher said. 

   The purpose of doing this is to replace and add more tiles to the park to keep it looking nice.

“ If you’ve been there lately, all those tiles are torn down because someone messed them up,” Hatcher said.

   Their deadline to complete this project is at the end of this nine weeks.