Reconstruction around school begins


Ben Wallace

A picture of the outlines of the previous desk in the front office.

Ben Wallace, Staff Reporter

   To improve the security of George County High School, the building has been undergoing reconstruction in areas all over.

   The front office will be the main point of focus during this project. The biggest change being a new electronic lock that will be created and installed by SMS security company. With this lock comes the electronic and wiring services that will be provided by the maintenance department. There will also be a window put into place for parents to turn in things such as paperwork or things of similar nature. This window will be provided by the Dixie Glass Company. 

   “The lock will be similar to the one in the back office, you’ll need to be paged in, buzzed in. It’ll cut off a lot of the free flow,” Chief Resource Officer Caleb Davis said.

   In addition to the front office, the computer labs will also be renovated, with all of the windows being tinted on both sides. 

   “We’re tinting the windows on the tech lab, so that visitors can’t see inside and see the students,” Davis said.

   The student lobby will be another location that will be receiving renovations. There will be an installation of another window for office aides. Rather than visiting the front office for help they will instead go to the student lobby.

   “Students will work with that aide. They won’t just be coming in and out of the front office,” Davis said.

   In total, the completion of this construction is projected to be completed some time in May, with the total cost of it all being around $5,000. The money is being pooled together by the high school, district office and maintenance department.