Rasberry earns STAR Student

Alyssa Holland, Online Editor

   George County High School’s STAR Student for the 2022-2023 school year was earned by senior William Rasberry. Rasberry chose health science teacher Brandy Glass as his STAR teacher.  

   Rasberry earned the honor of STAR Student by scoring a 32 on the ACT. He had the highest score in this year’s graduating class, allowing him to qualify for STAR Student. With only taking the ACT three times, he scored a 32 on his second test, which the scholarship program takes any test to the December deadline.

For Rasberry, studying was not the biggest hurdle for him to face but understanding how to approach the test.

   “ I studied some, but it wasn’t really a study issue though it was just knowing how to take tests, and so you just have to figure out a strategy for you,” Rasberry said, “When you find one that works you stick to it and always trust your gut.” 

  Along with the honor of the title STAR Student, it also brings scholarship opportunities. 

   “ So there’s a STAR Student banquet coming up in April, when you go to the banquet they award the Top 20 STAR Students in the state of Mississippi with a scholarship, not sure about the amount. Then each school individually gives a scholarship for STAR Student and then I believe George County’s is $1,500,” Rasberry said.  

   Rasberry’s plans for the future are to attend Southern Miss. While at Southern Miss, Raspberry plans to get his bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences and then plans to transfer to South Alabama to get his master’s in biomedical sciences. He plans to go to medical school at the University of Alabama in Birmingham to become a cardiovascular surgeon.

   Rasberry has chosen health science teacher Brandy Glass as his STAR Teacher. 

   “ I feel extremely honored, and I feel like, maybe it just makes me feel like I’m doing something right for someone to choose me like that. It’s just, I don’t know if I’d call it validation,” Glass said. “It is a huge honor and it’s humbling. It just humbles me because I come up here and I want to do my best and I want people to love my class, but for someone to pick me for something like that it’s freaking awesome.” During her teaching career, this is her first time being chosen as a STAR Teacher. 

   Rasberry took Glass’s Health Science I as a sophomore, and the easy communication between them encouraged him to choose her for the award.

   “ I love Mrs. Glass, I had her sophomore year for Health Science I and we really got along in the class,” Raspberry said. “We were able to communicate easily and she had the same brain processes that I did and so the class really went along smoothly and we just got along great.”

    Rasberry and Glass will both be recognized at graduation on May 25