District looks at new ‘flexible schedule’

Alyssa Holland, Online Editor

    A new age of school scheduling could possibly be implemented across the George County School District in the foreseeable future. 

   Gaining popularity is a new style of school scheduling called a flexible schedule. This schedule would allow students more time to refresh after each nine weeks. 

   “A lot of the traction that’s taking place is coming from the state capital; it is becoming more and more popular throughout the state. Several school districts around us have either ‘A’ already started it or ‘B’ are about to start it,” Superintendent Wade Whittney said. 

   The structure of the schedule would allow for more breaks throughout the school year. After the completion of a nine weeks, students would be given a two-week break. During the first week all students and staff would be off while the second week would be called an intersession.

    This time would offer students the opportunity to focus on skills that they might need extra assistance with. Standardized testing skills would be the focus during this time to help improve state tests, ACT and any other standardized assessment. 

“The intersession week gives students an opportunity to catch up, students an opportunity to get special services if they need it, additional support if they need it and I think that’s a huge piece,” Whitney said.

 Currently, the decision is in the talking stage and is a conversation the community needs to begin having. The district plans to introduce the idea, start the conversation and are open to answer any questions and concerns. 

“We are going to start rolling out and speaking at community events around town to get the gauge and let people ask as many as questions they want to. Then we are going to send another survey out to the community and get their input on that, so we are going to do everything we can to get the message out, ” Whitney said.

   The idea of the flexible schedule has already been surveyed by all teachers and staff throughout the district and 80 percent were in favor of the change.

  The final decision will be made with the input of the whole community and all schools at the beginning of next school year. If the change is implemented, then it will begin during the 2024-2025 school year.