Seniors find motivation to finish school year

Halle J. Cecchi, Staff Reporter

 The finish line for seniors is nearing and they are ready to cross it. 

   Many seniors experience a condition called “senioritis”. According to Southern New Hampshire University, “senioritis” is defined as seniors seeing the finish line and not feeling the need to continue to work hard anymore. 

   Assistant principal Brittany Brown stated that senior students are ready to move on from high school, but that is not the only emotion they feel. 

   “I do see a variety of attitudes, some are excited, some are nervous. Some are hesitant, the fear of the unknown can unravel some of them,” Brown said. 

   Senior Autumn Davis relates to Brown’s statement about the range of attitudes she sees this close to the end of the year.  

   “I’m excited, but it’s also kind of scary going off to start college,” Davis said. 

   Not everything went completely smooth for some students. Some seniors regret not doing certain things at the beginning of the year or even the start of their high school careers. For example, senior Steven Hatcher stated that he should have scheduled more and not procrastinated. In contrast, class salutatorian Ashton Fairley wanted to be less strict on school work in her freshman year. 

   “I started out really uptight and focused on school. I didn’t have a good balance,” Fairley said. 

   Not only do seniors focus on their mindsets, they also have ways to keep themselves motivated. For instance, Hatcher keeps in mind that there is college in his future, while Fairley relies on Jesus to keep her motivated. Class valedictorian Bella Price also relies on God to keep her motivated. 

  “I’ve kept myself motivated by trusting God’s plan for my life. What He wants to happen  will happen,” Price said. 

   Seniors do not just have to rely on themselves to stay driven; they also have the school faculty. 

   “It’s really all about relationships, honestly. They know we’re gonna support them,” Brown said. “We just have to make sure that support is reinforced so that they don’t give up or fall off the map.”

   Not every student has the same experience with their high school journey, but they all have the same ending: graduation.

   Seniors, keep your eye on the prize. The last nine weeks of your senior year are just as important as the rest of the year.