Band receives superior rating


Ben Wallace

The concert band rehearses to perfect music.

Ben Wallace, Staff Reporter

   The GCHS Band has recently been awarded with an all superior rating for its state concert evaluation.

   Superior is the highest ranking achievable on a scale of fair, good, excellent and superior.

   This has been a major improvement over last year’s already great, excellent rating.

   “I just want them to trust the process. I want them to realize that there is a difference between hard work and efficient work,” band director Daniel Herndon said.

   Herndon took over the program two years ago and has sought not glory but growth.

   “To be honest, I don’t mind the rating. They could have gotten excellent, and I’d be just as proud. I want them to grow, whether that be musically or as people. My goal is to give them the experience I had in high school. It’s why I became a director.” Herndon said.

   The members of the band have been practicing year-round from summer to after school, trying to improve as much as possible for both concert and marching season.

   “We had a training camp this summer, we’ve practiced after school, and all around we’ve done everything possible to get better. We work our hardest to reach our goals,” Junior Gabriel Chappell.

   Chappell is a percussionist and plays in both concert and marching band.

   “We’ve got our concert down pat. Now we have to get our marching to that level that we want, all-superior,” Chappell said.

   This is the first time in over a decade that they’ve received an all-superior ranking for their concert band.

   “It opens you up for more competitions, you get to do more things, you get to go to more places, more grants, and more opportunities for scholarships. It’s what we strive for,” Chappell said.