High school gears up for state testing


Kalifornia Gentry, Staff Reporter

   It’s that time of year again when state testing is rolling around, and everything that teachers and students have been working on all year put to the test. State testing is extremely important for a student and the high school.

   “State tests are required for graduation; students have to pass the four core subject area state tests.” Principal Sid Taylor said.

   The high school is looked at by the state on the proficiency of each student’s grade or score, and when more students score proficient on the state test the higher grade level our school gets.

   “Each state test counts towards the schools accountability rating, and it will also end up affecting the graduation rate of the school as well, which is another portion of the accountability system,” GCHS test coordinator Valerie Pierce said.

   There are many things that go into state testing as in the preparation and attendance for each subject that is tested.

   “It is extremely important for students and teachers to attend during state testing the schedules are somewhat tricky to come up with because of class coverage and having teachers as administrators and proctors and hall monitors  during state testing, and so when students miss that means additional days have to be scheduled and additional teachers and additional staffing,”  Pierce said.

   Preparation that the students and teachers need to take for the state testing season is, teachers spend the entire semester preparing the students for the state test. This involves the required curriculum, the practice test as well as using the tools that are provided for the state test.  Students should prepare in the same way they prepare for any major test, a good night’s rest, and paying attention in class.

   This school year the high school’s state testing goals is to have 100 percent of students taking the test and to see everyone that takes the test to make growth and score proficient.


   Testing Dates

  • March 27-31-MAAP-A
  • March 27-31-LAS Links   
  • March 27-April 6-ASE
  • April 4-13-ACT Workkeys
  • April 18-May 5-MAAP, English, Algebra, U.S. History