Seniors Apply for Early Graduation

Lane Pitts, Staff Reporter

  While most seniors plan to graduate in May a few plan on completing high school in December.

   Seniors must see Graduation Coach Patti Seamen to enroll in early graduation. The seniors wanting to apply will write a letter to Principal Wade Whittney stating why they would like early graduation.

   Patti Seamen will then verify they have all the requirements they need to graduate. The seniors applications will then be sent to Senior Guidance Counselor Debbie West Terry for a finale review.  

   Finally, students parents will be called to let them know their senior enrolled in early graduation. Seniors must also return their applications with a parent/guardian signature and proof of further schooling or a job.

   Seniors will not receive a diploma until May but will no longer count as a student at George County High School. They will also miss out on many senior events.

   Senior Stephen Erkhart is enrolled in early graduation and plans to work for the remainder of the school year. In May he will deploy for the Navy. 

   Senior Kayla Sisdrunk was planning on early graduation but wishes to finish though for college resumes. She is happy about being involved in the senior events.