Sawyer Becomes Inclusion Teacher

Kirstie McLeod, Staff Reporter

The inclusion teacher, Ginger Sawyer, has to take care of three dogs and two hamsters along with her son. She went to the University of South Alabama to be close to home.

   “I knew that I wasn’t going far from home,” Sawyer said. “I was planning to go to physical therapy school, but I actually study psychology instead.” she said.

   Sawyer graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree of Arts and Psychology. Even though she doesn’t have a teaching degree, she still became an inclusion teacher for her son. Her son encourage her to be a teacher because her son has dyslexia.

   She responded, “I was surprised that he had dyslexia, and I want to get him some help.”

   She also said that she will probably run into students that has anger issues. She is from Wiggins and graduated from Stone High. Before she started to work here, she worked at Head Start for seven years. She also played a little bit of softball, and she was an A student in school. Her expectations for this school year is to survive, and her expectations for her students is to pass all classes.