Technology Changes Classroom

Olivia Wachsman, Executive Editor

   Students today have technology at their fingertips, giving them access to social media, entertainment, and informational resources. This allows students to use this technology to their advantage in class, but it can also serve as a distraction. 

   Many students have trouble staying focused in class because their phones remain a constant distraction for them. Algebra teacher Eva LeBert sees this in her classes everyday.

   “If it can be applied to a lesson it’s awesome and can be very productive, but it can also be a distraction. Students have to realize how important it is to know when it’s time to put it down and focus,” LeBert said.

   Students seem to have trouble with self control when it comes to technology. Often times it seems a lot more imperative to answer a text in class than it does to pay attention or take notes. 

    Lots of changes have occurred in classrooms with the rise of technology. Even in the past ten years, vast differences can be seen in students.    

   “The students have become less engaged in the lesson and much less talkative. They also don’t interact with each other like they used to,” Geometry teacher Melinda Brown said.

   Brown has tried to incorporate technology into her lessons, but has found that it is fairly difficult.

   “The connectivity at the school is not always great, and when students are on their phones they aren’t interested in the activities we are doing,” Brown said.

    Technology has created a great way for students to use the resources in class, but there are many drawbacks. Many teachers find it hard to control students not understanding when it is appropriate to use them. Throughout the years, teachers have seen many changes in the classroom.