Hulbert Takes Over Teacher Academy

Jaida Strahan, Staff Reporter

   Always enjoying school as a child, loving kids and watching her mom teach as she grew up has now brought her to be a teacher to others who want to be teachers.

  Along with teaching the Teacher Academy, Holly Hulbert also takes on the responsibility of coaching the Rebel’s cheer team. Not only does Hulbert brings her experience as a  middle school spirit teacher and elementary education to the high school, she was also an educational consultant and psychiatrist. Hulbert attended Mississippi College, the University of  Southern Mississippi and the University of South Alabama where she received her Masters degree in instructional design and gifted and her Bachelors degree in undergrad elementary. Hulbert was the youngest in the state of Mississippi to pass her National Boards Certification.

   The change from earlier age students to teenage students was not that different for Hulbert.    

   “Kids are kids, children are children, the only thing that really changed was the level of education being taught,” said Hulbert.

   Hulbert has taught in George County School District for 24 years while living here for 25. She lives here with her husband and their two daughters. Mary is the oldest daughter who is now in college and Laney Kate, the youngest, is in high school.  Hulbert enjoys spending her free time with her family and friends. 

   A fun fact about Hulbert is that in 2016 her daughters and her were once extras in the movie named “The 5th Wave.”  

  In her first year at the high school, Hulbert looks forward to growing the teacher academy program and watching it grow as more future teachers join the academy.