Students Paint Parking Spots

Layni Havard, Staff reporter

   To host proms, a person would usually need around six or seven thousand dollars. As of now,  advisor, Holly Hulbert, says that $1,360 have been raised so far.

   “Of course, we want more people to participate,” Hulbert said.

   Junior class president Laney Kate Hulbert, was very excited that the fundraiser was such a success.

   “I couldn’t be more proud of the class officers and students that participated,” Laney said.

   Laney discussed the topic of this fundraiser with other class officers, and even promoted it on social media so that more people will be notified of it.

   Senior Madison Hultz, one of the participants of this fundraiser, found that the fundraiser is a great idea. Her experience was great, even though it was a lot. She was one of the students to paint the ‘FRIENDS’ parking spaces.

   “It totally brings some color to the school,” Hultz said.

   Drew Fairly, another participant, has similar views as Hultz. He had a fun experience with painting his parking space, which with two others’ parking spaces, made up the American flag.

   Other students who have recently gotten their license will have the chance to paint their own parking space. They can go to Hulbert or Godshaw for the application papers. Hulbert will be able to set up dates that would be a good time to paint. As there is not a specific dates set to paint. So, Hulbert will set these dates up individually. Of course, students will have to pay a fee of $20, and they have to bring their own equipment.

   Students who have painted a parking space, will be able to touch up on their parking space whenever they need to. 

   The rules that go with this opportunity will be on the application sheet that students can get from Hulbert or Godshaw.