McMillan celebrates 10 year class reunion


Cailey Crosby, Staff Reporter

   Not only is this English Teacher Chloe’ McMillan’s first year at the high school, but she will be celebrating 10 years since graduating from George County High School.

   Once McMillan graduated, she moved forward to the University of Southern Mississippi, where she earned her teaching degree. McMillan has only been teaching for three years. To start her career, McMillan taught seventh grade at GCMS. The following year, she moved just a few halls over to teach eighth grade. 

    “Teaching at the same school I graduated from feels kind of nostalgic, and it makes me proud to give back to a school that gave so much to me” McMillan said.

   McMillan has two children and loves spending her free time with them. 

   “Talking when I am talking and cell phones are my biggest pet peeves in my classroom,” McMillan said.