Dickerson teaches for first time


Dickerson starts teaching career.

Alyssa Holland, Staff Reporter

  In the middle of a pandemic Coach Stuart Dickerson has recently become a teacher and has joined the coaching staff of the Rebel football team.

   Dickerson has not even been teaching a month and has already been able to overcome the new struggles his job throws at him. 

   “It’s very different especially since I’ve only been teaching for a little less than four weeks,” Dickerson said. He teaches career college readiness and drivers ed., along with helping coach football. 

   He grew up in Winona, Miss., where he graduated from Winona Christian Academy in 2015 and later graduated from Mississippi State University in December of 2019. He took his first  teaching job here in George County because he felt like God brought him here for a purpose. 

   “I feel like it was a random act of God, but I know he put me here for a reason.”

   Dickerson is a huge fan of sports. Anytime he gets the chance he loves to watch and be involved in the world of sports. Dickerson is a very easy going type of person and wants students to know not to be afraid of his class.