Lindley fulfills lifelong dream


Grace L. Morgan, Staff Reporter

   Wanting to be a teacher since she was eight, Reading teacher Lesley Lindley is continuing her teaching career at George County High School. 

   “ I had a teacher in third grade who was the first adult outside of my family who told me that I could do whatever I wanted to in life and that I was smart and I could accomplish anything,” Lindley said. “I decided then that I wanted to do that for somebody else.”

   Since graduating from GCHS, Lindley has received a degree of elementary education with an emphasis in reading from The University of Southern Mississippi. This May, she plans to graduate from Mississippi College with her Master’s degree. 

   Out of the 16 years that Lindley has been teaching, she has taught at three different schools including Agricola Elementary, Moss Point and George County Middle School. She taught nine years at the middle school, which was so far her preferable place to teach, four years at Agricola and two years at Moss Point. 

   To teach at the same place that she graduated from has always been one of Lindley’s dreams. Until recently Lindley was not able to teach high school, but when the opportunity came up she said that she would love to. 

   Lindley has been married for as long as she’s been teaching and also has two daughters. During her free time she and her family enjoy going to the beach, the river and having family movie nights.