Lady Rebels look to rebuild team


Lady Rebel shoots the ball as fans intently watch.

Carlie Bennett, Online Reporter

The girls basketball team hopes to rebound and rebuild their team this season with a new coach.

   The team started practice in June but had many restrictions with the way they could train due to the global pandemic. According to new coach Conswayla Bourne, defense was the main restriction because the girls can not get too close to the other players in order to maintain social distancing.

   With an uncertain season up ahead, Bourne has been trying to instill core values into her players so in the case that they have a shortened season they have the values she finds super important such as eye contact and good attitudes.

   As a new coach, Bourne has high hopes for this season. “All coaches’ main goal is to win the state championship, but personally my goal is to impact these girls lives and serve them as their coach”

   Along with Bourne’s positive outlook on this season, junior Janelle Bradshaw also has high hopes for her team.

     “Bourne is a really good coach and she really helps us fully understand the game”. Janelle Bradshaw said.

   The team has been working hard to prepare for a successful season. With a new coach the team has made several new adjustments such as running a mile every week and going hard on drills.

     Fellow teammate junior Cedrina Johnson is also working hard to prepare for a better season. Along with doing a lot of running, the team’s shooting has also made many improvements, many players are saying these modifications are all thanks to the new girl’s basketball coach.

   “Bourne pushes us hard. She is a really great coach.”

   “It’s been a struggle, but it’s a good struggle because we know what we’re doing is good for us”. Janelle Bradshaw said.