EQTs create unfair atmosphere

Cailey Crosby, Staff Reporter

The EQT’s were very stressful for students and teachers because they were the first ones to ever be given in the George County School District.
The purpose of the EQT’s is to make sure that all students are where they need to be in regards to the Mississippi Department of Education Standards. The school board has paced the teachers, so they will stay on the same track for all schools and grades. This has been put in place in the case of a Benndale student moving to Agricola, or vice versa.
The EQT’s were made by the district office, so not everything that was on the test was taught in class. Most of the teachers were not happy about the exams because the tests were not made properly with some of the questions even having typos.
Many students studied for hours in anticipation of doing well. However, that was pointless, because if a student made less than his or her average, then the test was not even counted for a grade. The only way that a grade was given was if the student made higher than their average. The students who did nothing at all and just blew the EQT off then there were no consequences, which is extremely unfair to the students who worked extremely hard to get a satisfying grade.
The outcome of the grade was expected because the first set of exams were poorly made. Although most of the students did well enough to predict that they would pass the state test, it is extremely unfair that students could have given no effort and my grade would not have been affected.