Auto Program makes national finalist

Kirstie R. McLeod, Staff Reporter

 Being a Top 20 finalist, the automotive department from the CTE program is excited to be in the final round of a national competition.

   The competition that the automotive department is in is called the 2020 School of the Year, which is sponsored by O´Realiys, Wix Filters and Tomorrow Tech. The competition is very important to the automotive department and for the school. The prize of winning the competition is $10,000. The automotive department got in the competition by being nominated by Assistant CTE Director Morgan Dean. When the automotive apartment found out that they were in the top 20, they were very happy and shocked. 

   ¨I was kinda shocked.¨ Automotives Teacher Lisa Trepkowski said.

   So far in the competition, the automotive department is enjoying being a part of the competition. The automotive department is pretty sure that they will win.

   ¨You know…….You believe we will, we will.¨, said Trepkowski.

   The department has to create a video that highlights the department and the school, the due date for the video is on October the eighth.