CARES Act funds Chromebooks

Jaida Strahan, Staff Reporter

   George County High School received approximately $250,000 worth of  Chromebooks in the coming days.

   Along with the 350 Chromebooks the high school already have, 776 new Chromebooks have been added to the school’s inventory. 

   The George County School District was given exactly $765,135. The school put about $20,000 towards Chromebook and $4,500 towards chrome carts for classrooms.

   The U.S. Department of Education gives schools a lot of ways on how to spend these funds, but they recommend it go towards activities that will support remote learning for all students, especially disadvantaged or at-risk students, and the teachers. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act contains $30.75 billion specifically designated to states for education. The CARES Act required that the money be spent before Sept. 2022. 

   ¨For the students there will be 673 Chromebooks and 103 for the teacher’s use,¨ assistant principal Darlene Hearndon said.  

   The goal for these Chromebooks is to distribute them to the core classes first, especially the state tested ones, the college classes, and for each teacher to have a set for their classrooms. Any extras will go to CTE and elective classes. 

  The purpose of the Chromebooks is to help students and teachers that may be quarantined at home. If they have WiFi but no device to complete their work on then someone can go to the front office and check one out. Also this helps the teachers if they were ever quarantined because they will have a computer to work with their students from home.