Students return to traditional schedule

Kayla G. Maples, Staff Reporter

COVID has made an impact on everyone’s personal and professional lives, and it has made this year more challenging by affecting our daily activities, as well as, our extracurricular activities.

We caught up with Mr. Taylor to see how things are going. 

   “Things that we love to do here at George County High School that we’re not able to do anymore, especially right now such as pep rallies,”Principal Sid Taylor said. 

 Due to the hybrid schedule about half the student population is on campus which makes teachers have a lot more space in their classrooms for social distancing. 

   Junior Noah Yawn was previously a hybrid student but due to lack of focus at home, he was switched to the traditional schedule. 

   Senior Darren Fairley, Jr., works on completing his last year of highschool his grades have been negatively been affected by the hybrid schedule.

He is also excited about returning on Oct. 13 Fairley thinks that coming back to school traditionally will be better, as long as everyone wears their masks.

   According to the Mississippi Department of Health, the George County school District has confirmed that among staff we’ve had 24 cases and among students 19 cases since the start of the school year.

  Even though some students have faced obstacles “Students and staff have adapted better than I expected,” Taylor said. He also thinks that they have done a great job following guidelines.

   Taylor is very excited to welcome back the hybrid students on Oct. 13 and to resume a traditional schedule. He is very optimistic about the remainder of the school year.