Football team adhears to COVID guidlines


Rebel football team sets up for a play.

Jaida Strahan, Staff Reporter

   The football season has already been affected by COVID-19 in so many ways. Coaches and the team are doing everything possible to keep everyone safe to continue the season.

   It has affected how they dress, meet for practice and get water during practice. By keeping the football team and school safe, they have many strict protocols. The football field house is fogged and disinfected everyday and water bottles and towels cannot be shared. Coaches have to wash everything that is worn and touched, so they wash about eight loads a day. Most importantly they keep their distance, wear face masks and limit the time in groups together.   

   ¨With football being a contact sport it is hard trying to be careful around the other players,¨ player Kyle Chapman said.

   Even with the setbacks the team has been faced with, they are planning on making a comeback after the last few games. On Fridays they look at their mistakes on the field and correct them.

   ¨Then on Monday they come ready to work,¨ Coach James Ray said.

     Derek Howell feels confident in the upcoming games this season because he trusts his teammates and coaches to know what is best. 

   Last Friday night the team won with a score of 28-10 against Brandon High School which improved their district record to 1-1.

At this game MJ Daniels threw for a touchdown, rushed for a touchdown, returned a punt for a touchdown and had a pick six for a touchdown. He is the only other player in Miss. high school football to do this since Cam Akers. 

The Rebels traveled to Northwest Rankin to last night, but the results were not available at press time.