GC athletics moves to 5A

Alyssa Holland, Staff Reporter

   George County Sports recently became the second largest school in the 5A division. Sports are moving back to 5A for the first time since 2014. This move will affect all sports at GCHS for the 2020-2021 school year. 

   Becoming a 5A school will help out the football team by evening the amount of players on both teams. It will also make it to where George County will play teams on the same level. 

    “ The kids on these teams will be more like us,” Junior Trent Howell said. 

   The football team is already making preparations for the upcoming season. They will be playing against East Central, Gautier, Vancleave, Pearl River, Picayune, West Harrison and Long Beach. As stated by Coach James Ray, the Rebels will have to develop new tactics to play against these teams.

  “ I’m excited, it’s where we need to be. I am looking forward to the challenge,” Coach Ray said.

   According to Ray, he anticipates the football team along with all sports within George Country doing better in the 5A division. 

  Another team that will benefit from the move is basketball. The move will give basketball the ability to have games closer to home and make it easier for the teams to compete on their level. 

  “We have always been a good team, and this puts us equal with other teams,” Coach Conswayla Bourne said. 

   Basketball is currently in season and will start in the 5A division next season.