Baseball team prepares for another season


Baseball season starts up.

Staff Reporter, Kayla G. Maples

   As the GCHS Baseball team gets ready to begin another season, Coach Brandon Davis hopes to have a normal season this year.

   “Our goal is just to really try to get better every game¨ Davis said. One challenge that Davis faces is keeping everyone from getting quarantine.If one of the players gets quarantined they have several ways where the whole team will not get quarantined.”Were practicing a lot of younger guys even freshman that normally wouldn’t practice were practicing guys in multiple positions because we don’t know who is going to be quarantined or who can be available or who may not between that and having to divide our groups into smaller groups.”

   The team has three returning starters:  seniors Alan Williams, Hunter Rhymes, and Christian Passeau. The Rebels will play in their preseason jamboree The first regular season game will be Feb. 15 at Pascagoula. Good luck Rebels.