Brown becomes resource officer


Officer Brown joins George County staff.

Jaida Strahan, Staff Reporter

  The high school welcomes Chris Brown as he takes on the job as a new district resource officer.

   Brown has worked for six years in law enforcement. Before he previously worked with Mobile County and recently at George County Sheriff’s Office. 

   Quite a few things made Brown interested when he heard about the opening for a district resource officer. He really thought this was a great opportunity especially since he really enjoys helping and working with the youth. Knowing that the youth is the future of society he wants to be the person that helps teach right from wrong and know respect.  

   On February 1, Brown started by getting to know the school campus along with the other seven schools as Chief Hillman showed him around. During these two weeks, Brown will start to pinpoint his duties around the schools. As of now he knows he will be doing traffic, monitoring football games, and handling criminal issues.

   After getting to know the schools a little bit,Brown will soon meet with Chief Hillman and administrators to discuss any issues happening on the campuses.