Holiday season brings increased COVID risks

Preslee M. McKnight, Staff Reporter

   We’re at the end of the first semester with another COVID-19 update for George County High School.

   Our school’s COVID numbers vary from week to week. The average number of students who test positive each week is between two and four. George County High School has had about 40 to 50 positive cases of COVID this year.

   There are more students who have had to be quarantined than students that have actually tested positive. Nurse, Jodi Sumerall, says she has not noticed many symptom changes in students who have tested positive, but she does say she has not noticed the fever symptom in most students. Although, she has noticed cold and GI symptoms in students who test positive. Sumerall thinks our COVID cases will double with Christmas coming up and recently having Thanksgiving.

   “We’ve done well with traditional” Sumerall said “I think we’re doing the best we can and keep moving forward”.

   We are not anywhere near our capacity of school shutdown due to COVID. If we reach 33%, which is 325 to 350 kids out of near 1100 students, then we will have to go virtual and quarantine from school. The length of quarantine students and staff is decided by the CDC and the MSDH. 

   Sumerall believes that some of the changes that have been made due to COVID will stay in place as an easier way of doing things at our school. Such as, the GoFan app, some of the staff’s virtual meetings, and the way we now do state testing, where only the students that test come and the rest of the students do school from home. She also says with less students on campus during testing it’s easier for the school to get more students tested faster. 

   Sumerall would like to remind you to, “Stay safe during the holiday season!”