Hunting during the pandemic

Jayden Clarke, Staff Reporter

  Along with Christmas season, Flu season and COVID-19 many students are looking forward to hunting season. With COVID going on students have had to be quarantined, they have been using that time to hunt. 

 Sophomore Bubba Herrington has been hunting for 11 years. 

  “It’s nice to be in the silence, you can just think,“ he said. Herringtons preference to hunt is deer,

“they have more meat,“ he said; “ I get this rush feeling after I shoot a deer, and you’ll know if it’s a bad shot cause that means you didn’t hit anything.“ 

  Due to the pandemic outbreak with COVID Herrington doesn’t think anything has changed for his hunting season.

 Sophomore Hannah Prince prefers to hunt deer and has been hunting for three years. “It just gives me this rushing feeling,“ Prince said. She also has only hunted deer and squirrels. Also, she started hunting her eighth grade year. 

  Freshman Alvie Maskew has not been able to go hunting because of COVID, although she’s been hunting for seven years. 

  “It’s exciting, I love to hunt squirrels and ducks but I mostly hunt deer but if I had to choose it would be ducks,“ Maskew said.