Small businesses struggle throughout 2020


Main Street of Lucedale illuminating at night.

Cailey Crosby, Staff Reporter

   Our hometown businesses have been struggling through 2020 with hurricane damage, coronavirus lockdowns and they are financially struggling to keep inventory stocked. 

   Because of COVID all stores were shut down from mid March to the end of April. This discouraged many businesses because it caused many stores to close down, from not doing enough business

   However, one of the things that have kept these stores busy since they reopened is people who are bored at home and want to get out of the house. It also helps with the holiday season coming up because many people are shopping for Christmas presents.

   Many stores allow curbside pickup for the people who do not want to risk being exposed. Since the pandemic started many changes have been made to prevent exposure, such as sanitizing frequently, mandating masks and social distancing. 

   Another thing that many businesses now offer is ordering online, and having it shipped right to your front door. This is very convenient for people who are busy, but still like to shop. 

   Through the pandemic many people have stayed close to home to shop and help small businesses stay afloat. With everyone shopping locally, it makes it hard to keep inventory stocked. Many businesses see the importance of shopping locally, because it helps the whole community, and makes you feel very rewarded. 

   “The locals have shown much understanding, compassion, and realization of what we are going through, which has been very encouraging,” Crooked Letter owner Michelle Star said.

   One of the many obstacles that local businesses face is the people who are still financially struggling from jobs being shut down and the many people being laid off because their companies did not have enough money to afford to pay them. Since many people were out of a job, they could not afford to go out and buy new clothes.

   “Selling workwear is very convenient for many people, because you may not always need a sparkly top or a new pair of dress shoes but everyone needs work clothes,”  Sarbrina Maples said. 

   Another obstacle of 2020 has been the hurricanes, the most recent and severe was hurricane Zeta. Many of the main street businesses were very blessed, but others were not so fortunate, such as Vincents. Vincents lost about three quarters of their roof, which caused a leak in their office, bathroom, and UPS room.

   “Thankfully our inventory was safe, so we were very blessed with that” the owner Maples said. 

     Many business owners this year have been trying their best to keep their businesses running this year. There have been many obstacles but for the most part Main Street has done well.