GCHS welcomes Havard as new Algebra I teacher

Grace L. Morgan

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   Seeking to return to his hometown community, Algebra I teacher Logan Havard joins George County High School’s staff for his first official year. 

   “ I had teachers that instilled in me a love of knowledge, and I hope I can depart that back to other students,” Havard said.

   Harvard has lived in Rocky Creek his entire life. Additionally, he attended GCHS and graduated in 2017. 

   As a result of graduating from William Carey University, Havard obtained his double major Bachelor’s degree in math and biology. In addition, he minored in chemistry.

   Because Havard has several aunts and a mother who teach, he had a sense of understanding about his career at an early age.

   Not only does he teach Algebra I, but also teaches ACT strategies, which is similar to an ACT preparation course. He will begin teaching physics in the spring of 2022, which he believes will be his favorite subject to instruct.

   One of Havard’s most favorite things about educating is when he sees his students actually interested in what he is explaining. 

   “ To just see when their curiosity comes alive is just really exciting,” Havard said. 

   Some goals Havard hopes to accomplish includes kick starting a physics program and, over the long term, adding more physics classes. 

  One of Havard’s hobbies he enjoys doing is practicing on the piano, although he does not find much time for it. Likewise, he is fond of occasionally reading and binge watching shows on Netflix.