Williams takes on first year as teacher


Haylea Smith, Staff Reporter

George County High School welcomes new government and economics teacher Morgan Williams. 

   Having originally been from Georgia, Williams came to George County when she was 10. After high school Williams continued on to graduate from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and later on from the University of South Mississippi, with Associate’s of Arts and Bachelor’s of Arts. 

   Even during her high school years, teaching had always been a good career choice. Having enjoyed her high school experience herself, she decided to make a career out of it by teaching. 

   Despite the obstacles the coronavirus has thrown in the way, William’s goals for this year are to improve herself in teaching, to earn respect from her colleagues and to become more organized with time. Relationships with her students and peers is what is most important to her regarding her job.

    “I enjoy being the person that they look to,”  Williams said. 

    When Williams is not teaching, she enjoys watching her favorite television shows and playing with her daughter.