‘Whoop Whoop Wagon’ rides down through school

Cailey Crosby, Staff Reporter

Many students have heard the new cart riding around the halls. There’s music, dancing, bubbles and much more; they call it the “Whoop Whoop Wagon.”
The administration team wanted to come up with a way to recognize students and staff for doing extraordinary things that most people generally would not do.
“We were looking for a way to celebrate our teachers and our students to help create a positive atmosphere and boost morale for students and teachers who go above and beyond,” assistant principal Kristin Davis said.
On the “Whoop Whoop Wagon” the cart contains goody bags, gift cards and door prizes that are given out to reward students and staff.
For the most part, the entire administration team helps with the wagon. Graduation Coach Brittany Brown states that when they go around the hallways and whoever would like to join them is allowed to come sing and dance with them.
They determine who needs to be rewarded by watching students walking in the hallway, nominations and the admin team meets to decide who to choose. They go around once a week on Friday.
The administration team provides most of the prizes; however, they do accept donations from anyone.