Morgan revives P7 Club at GCHS


Cailey Crosby

P7 club enjoys a morning meeting in room 59.

Cailey Crosby, Staff Reporter

   To revive the P7 Bible Club, sophomore Grace Morgan has stepped up to lead the group taking the former position of her older sister Savannah Morgan. 

   With Brittany Roberts sponsoring the P7 club, Morgan has had the opportunity to have the meetings in her room, however Roberts is not sure if her room will be large enough once more people find out about the club.

   The P7 club is not just something in George County, they are all over the country. It originates from a minister’s idea of the United Penicostal Church International. For the most part, the club is led by Apostolics. Morgan was a little worried that people would be skeptical about that since most do not know what it is. 

   “I wasn’t sure if I was gonna have anyone that would participate because they’re like that Apostolic I don’t know what that is,” Morgan said.

   The club meetings are every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:15. Food and drink is provided at every meeting, as well as a lesson from Morgan or any volunteer that would like to speak. Typically it is a simple lesson that anyone can understand no matter how much background knowledge the individual has. Many could say that if you are looking for something to be involved in, it is a good club to join.

   Although the Bible study is early, it can be encouraging as well as show you the positive aspect of life. Morgan did not like the way the schools’ vibes made her feel, too many students were getting in trouble for things they should not even think about doing.

   “I was like what if I started a Bible club to get more of a positive vibe, to help them realize that there’s more to offer than just vapes, drugs and cigarettes,” Morgan said. “God can help you come out of that.”

   Not only does Morgan want to help be a good influence on the students and staff at George County High School, but she would also like to share the Gospel of Jesus with them. 

Although starting a new club is almost risky because you do not know how many people, if any, will come, Morgan was ready to take the chance. However at the first meeting there were around 30 people, and the second meeting there were almost 35. Sometimes Robert’s room is too small to seat everyone who attends the meetings and sometimes they have to stand in the back.

   According to Roberts the club is doing very well so far. She is honored that she had the opportunity to sponsor the club. Roberts and Morgan think the club has been very impactful to the students that are present.

“It has become a safe space for people to just come and be together and talk and be supportive for one another,” Roberts said. 

   The club is welcoming to anyone who would like to participate, and they would love to see new people.  

¨The P7 club welcomes youn to join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:15 in room 59,¨ Morgan said.