Spending on Valentine’s

Kalifornia Gentry, Staff Reporter

   With Love in the air couples are running around to buy that perfect present for their significant other. Just this year Americans spent $23.9 billion on Valentine items alone. This year the average amount of money spent on Valentine’s is $192.80. All of this money goes to the top three items consisting of flowers, cards and chocolates. 

   ”Probably about $120,” said Junior Aubrey Dunlap. 

   The most popular item to buy for valentines as of this year is the traditional heart shaped box of chocolate.  

   ”Like a Teddy bear or the heart box of chocolates”said  Junior Jaden Sones. 

  For this year the most expensive valentine item to buy is Graff Diamond Hallucination watch. 

   ” I would probably say teddy bears or jewelry, ” said Freshman Alyssa Jones.

   This year has been the busiest and most expensive  year when it comes to celebrating the holiday. So keep buying those boxes of chocolates because Valentine’s Day  is almost here.