Gentry creates lip gloss brand


Lucentezza is currently advertising their lip gloss called Pink Champagne.

Kayla G. Maples, Staff Reporter

  Freshman Kali Gentry has turned her love of cosmetics into a business. Gentry’s desire to grow the cosmetics world led to her making lip gloss.

   The name of her business is Lucentezza, which means gloss in Italian. Gentry has two lip glosses she has released called Vanilla Liscious and Pink Champagne. Gentry decides the name of the lip gloss by the color and the smell. The entire process of making the lip gloss and putting on the labels takes approximately 20 minutes. The process involves adding the base for the lip gloss and measuring the micropigment as needed to get the color she would like then mixing for 10 minutes. 

“ I guess it really depends because we have ups and downs here and there; it’s usually trial and error because sometimes it spills, or it’s not full enough so I would say 20 minutes, ” Gentry said.

   Gentry feels like it is very important to label and package her own products. She creates different themes for her labels based on the month.

“ I feel like labeling and packaging is really important when it comes to products you release because packaging is what draws in your customers. If you don’t have pretty packaging, it’s not very appealing to the eye so you want nice packaging for your products,” Gentry said.

   She promotes her business by word of mouth and social media. Many of the orders she has received have been through word of mouth.

Gentry plans on releasing an Easter and summer line. In the future, she would like to extend her  business to include more cosmetics. 

   Check out Gentry’s Instagram page for more information to purchase Lucentezza.