Herndon enters second year of teaching

Layni Havard, Staff Reporter

  Not completely new to the high school, assistant band director Daniel Herndon actually joined the staff last school year, but many will see him as a new face on campus.

   Herndon is from McHenry, Miss. He drives an hour to work every day to teach band and intro to music.

   “I really enjoy it. I get to meet a whole bunch of walks of life around campus,” Herndon said. 

    Herndon chose to teach at George County because he knew what type of environment it was.

   “When I went to band competitions in my high school days, George County always received the Spirit Award, and I always thought that was an amazing thing,” Herndon said. 

   After attending Harrison Central, Herndon attended MGCCC for his Associate’s degree and the University of Southern Mississippi for his Bachelor’s degree. 

   Herndon is in his second year of teaching and has taught first to 12th grade.

   Before coming to George County, he taught at Saint Stanislaus, a private school in Bay Saint Louis, and at Coast Episcopal. 

   Herndon also teaches college kids. He works with an independent marching band called Drum Corp. through Alabama. 

   In his free time, Herndon likes to drive and listen to music, he says that it is his “me time”.

    A personal pet peeve of Herndon’s is that he will judge the way a person eats his/her food.

   “Like if they eat a hamburger upside down I will lose my mind,” Herndon exaggerated.