COVID-19 challenges seniors while choosing a college

Olivia Wachsman, Executive Editor

   With all of the obstacles brought about by COVID-19, one of the biggest challenges that seniors face is choosing the right college.

   Recruiters are working hard to set up virtual meetings with students. COVID guidelines prohibit in-person visits to high school campuses, making it difficult for students to explore all their options. 

   “If you’ve not already been to a college campus to know what it looks like or to see what they offer, you’re kind of going in blindly,” guidance counselor Jera Havard said.

    With the limited contact seniors are receiving from colleges right now, one benefit is that students gain a more personal rapport with recruiters through texts and emails that directly address them and their specific needs. 

“College recruiters are doing a much better job reaching out to students one on one,” Havard said.

   While in-person visits are limited on most college campuses due to health guidelines, some colleges do allow students to request visits through the admissions office. All current in-person tours are private for the time being. Contact to specific colleges can also be made through the high school guidance counselors’ offices.

“We are still talking to them all the time, and they are steadily emailing us about different things that are coming up,” guidance counselor Debbie West-Terry said. 

      Although COVID-19 has created many challenges for the Class of 2021, seniors can still develop a personal relationship with recruiters to help figure which school is the best fit for them.