Golf team is looking to grow throughout the season


Alyssa Holland, Online Editor

The George County High School golf teams have started their season and are continuously looking to grow as the season progresses. 

   This year the golf team is composed of 16 boys and six girls. The girls team will play in three tournaments. They will play on March 23 in Hurley, April 14 in Okatoma, and they will also play a district game on April 20. The boys golf team was in action on March 11 in Gulfport, and will play March 18 and 23 in Hurley, back in Gulfport on April 6, and they will also play a district game on April 20.

   We caught up with Coach Tyler Denmark to see how the teams were doing so far.

   “The girls were the first ones to play in a tournament, it didn’t go to hot for us. You know we have a fairly young team, our new girls have never played golf, but it was a lot of fun. We had one girl make the cut off score and we placed nine out of 20 teams so that was a surprise for us. The boys on the other hand are pretty experienced and solid, but unfortunately due to weather the first tournament they were in got rained out. We played one hole and then the rain came, but I am expecting big things from the boys team this year,” Denmark said.

   Let’s see how some of the players are doing this season. We talked to junior Reese Hawley and sophomore Kynleigh Anderson.  

“Well our first tournament got rained out so it hasn’t been the best,” Hawley said.

According to Hawley he has still had a good experience with golf throughout this season’s struggles. 

“I made more friends playing golf like I made a couple more friends and I guess something you can learn from golf is don’t get mad, because when you get mad things get harder.” 

We also caught up with sophomore Kynleigh Anderson to see how her season was going.

“It’s been good, we’ve only had one tournament, but it went pretty well for my first time,” Anderson said. 

While playing golf Anderson has experienced many benefits that she wouldn’t have before. 

“I’ve definitely talked to more people that I wouldn’t have talked to before. It’s also gotten me outside a lot more.”