Horticulture rebuilds after hurricane


Libbie Kate Slay

Horticulture students, Ava Rainey, Kage Eubanks and Chasen Brewer rebuild greenhouses.

   Almost a year ago after Hurricane Ida hit our area, the horticulture department is finally able to pick up the pieces and rebuild.

    McMullan’s goal was to be finished by the first nine week, but due to the entire school being quarantined for two weeks, he is now hoping to be finished by Thanksgiving.

   “The greenhouse guy who does this for a living said that we would be lucky to be through by Christmas and optimist I was one that thought we’d be through in the first nine weeks.” he said.

   The hurricane knocked down two of the larger greenhouses the horticulture class was able to save their plants in the smaller greenhouse that was luckily not destroyed.

    Including the smaller greenhouse that they needed to save, they have now built another smaller greenhouse and the class now plans on building three bigger greenhouses to have a total of five greenhouses.

       The department received $23,000 from insurance, which is the total cost for labor to build the greenhouses. However the original bid he turned in was $56,000 which included the cost of the plants and the greenhouses he lost in the hurricane.