TikTok trend goes too far


Alyssa Holland

Broken restroom toilet is out of service.

Alyssa Holland, Online Editor

   The “Devious Lick” TikTok trend is making national headlines around the country, and George County High School is beginning to feel the effects. 

   The TikTok trend is encouraging students to vandalize and steal from public facilities, such as schools, to post boastful videos as an attempt to get their 15 minutes of fame. According to the education focused website www.the74million.org, the trend is having effects on schools countrywide, and many cash-stricken schools who have already been through a lot during the pandemic are struggling to stay afloat. 

   Due to the vandalism students cause, many new measures are being taken to prevent further damages. Like many schools, the restrooms are being locked and monitored by teachers and staff. The only times the restrooms are available is during lunch waves and class changes. This is since most of the thefts are taking place in the restroom during the school day.

  As of now, three thefts have been reported, along with three students being caught and charged. Stolen items include soap dispensers, ceiling tiles, athletic jerseys and a ruined restroom stall door. Since then, all items have been returned to the school. Vandalism and theft have consequences that can be quite severe.

  “If they are caught stealing or vandalizing school property, then a police report is filed through me, through the police department and then formal charges are signed, which go through youth court,” Officer Chris Brown states.
“If they are juveniles, which is under the age of 18, a petition is signed through youth court and then it goes through youth court process and goes to court,” Brown said. Any student caught will be suspended for several days along with the charges.

    According to Principal Sid Taylor, GCHS is not the only school in our area suffering from the “Devious Lick,” Northwest Rankin’s brand new school facility recently sent out a release regarding the vandalism of the school. Not only does vandalism and theft make it harder on students, staff and administrators, it affects the school’s image.

   “Anytime vandalism is involved, it is a negative, it has a negative effect on the school, it has a negative effect on our student population, our students, our teachers and also our community because it sheds a negative light on things,” Taylor said. “We don’t want our school to be portrayed in a negative way.”

    The “Devious Lick” trend may be seen as a joke, but it can have very real consequences.

   “Even though students may think it’s a joke or fun, they need to realize that there are consequences,” Brown affirms.

   “Criminal charges will be filed on anyone who partakes in it, and with that being said to this point we have found out every person that has been involved in every incident,” Brown said. “It’s not if we will find out, it is just a matter of time.”