Clubs gain new sponsors

Haylea Smith, Staff Reporter

   The Key Club and Student Council have new sponsors this school year. 

   The Key Club is now being led by business teacher Tina McDoniel. 

   “We work together a lot with Key Club in my business class so we work with them on quite a few things, so when Mrs. Pierce asked me I said yes,” McDoniel said.

   The Key Club plans to sponsor a 5K run and a fall festival later this year.

   “We have a few fundraisers and activities we are going to do that they haven’t done in the past,” McDoniel said.

   They will be adding a few more outreach programs but overall mostly staying with their same schedule.

   The new Student Council sponsor is science teacher Ashlyn Stringfellow.

   “I can appreciate what the Student Council does by spending the majority of their time giving back to others,” Stringfellow said.

   Her hope for this year is to take the junior and senior student council members to a leadership conference in the spring.

   “One of the things I would like to do is to surpass the blood drive goals from the previous years,” Stringfellow said.

   The first blood drive is scheduled for Sept. 7. At the moment they do not have any plans on adding anything else to their schedule.

   “I am open to any new suggestions for the Student Council to approve upon in any way,” Stringfellow said.

   She hopes that in the future they can work to improve and add new projects.