Administrators make changes to student section


Gavin Bradley

The student section cheers at the pep rally.

Alyssa Holland, Online Editor

   This year, school spirit has been through the roof with the student section always being packed. However, this has also led to a number of incidents occurring both at home and away games.

  Incidents of thrown objects and “offensive” themes have both been linked to student section behavior.  As a result, stricter rules and regulations have been put into place to prevent further misconduct. 

   “Of course we have our SRO’s there, we are constantly monitoring their behavior, and we have talked to them. They know if they do something crazy one more time it’s probably going to be shut down, so they are acting right. Our students are good, and they know better,” Principal Sid Taylor said. 

   With these changes being made, they can have an impact not only on the misbehaving students but also on students who are following the rules .

   “It’s good because you know some people take it a little too far, I reckon. But it kinda hurts the people who do right by the rules,”  senior Connor Andrews said.  

   Themes and chants are a vital part of being in the student section and supporting the teams. Every game there is a set theme for the student section to dress ranging from Adam Sandler to safari. Due to behavior, the themes that were once allowed for all games are now limited to only home games. The spirit circle and its chant, which are also included in student section activities,  have been limited to only home games.  

   “ Not going to lie it kind of, it kind of gets my excitement a little bit lower,  but besides that at the end of the day we are still going to win, we are still going to show out, and we are like that, “  junior Gage Magee said. 

   If any more issues arise from the student section, it could be dispersed or shut down completely or limit the amount of tickets to be sold. 

   The student section is an integral part of sporting events and encourages student involvement.