CTE sees growth, testing changes


Alysa Dixon

First year culinary students wash dishes.

Alysa Dixon, Staff Reporter

The CTE department is excited for the new school year to show off some of its new improvements, expansion, and new testing strategies. 

   The CTE assistant director Morgan Dean has given some insight into what the new testing requirements are and what the students can expect for this school year. Dean talked about the new requirements and strategies to ensure that their students stay on track and get the tools they need to succeed. This has brought the student population of CTE to around 50 percent participation in one or more of the CTE-accredited classes.

   “The CTE department is no longer required to give the CPAS test until further notice, and some of the classes do not have to take a major test until their second year in a two-year program such as culinary,”Morgan Dean stated.

   The department is using a new pilot program; this program is based on hands-on learning. The new program allows students to get work-field knowledge in the safety of the school’s walls. The students will be tested throughout the year instead of all at one time. 

   Brandy Glass is one of the main teachers in the health science department. She explained how the department is now allowed to go into the field to get a close-up of what could happen if the students were to choose this as their career. They are required to get a TB screen test to ensure they will not cause any harm to the patients. 

“I believe that the new students as well as the old students will love getting back into the field after a two-year delay because of COVID,”Glass said.

  Peggy Frey is the Culinary II teacher. She explained how an additional teacher has been added to the program because of the growing demand of the class. There is a growing demand for the class because of the hands-on activities that culinary offers. She believes that this is a great thing and allows students to participate in something they’re passionate about. 

   “People who love to eat are always the best people,”Frey said from one of her favorite cooks Julia Child.