Admin enforce new policies



New hall passes have been implemented this school year.

Ben Wallace, Staff Reporter

   George County High School will be the home of many new rules, including a ban on energy drinks.

   “Energy drinks are no longer allowed in the buildings,” GCHS principal Sid Taylor said.

   This new ban was announced at the beginning of the school year and has further been enforced by the resource officers.

   “They’re not healthy, and we’re a healthy school.” Taylor said.

    Energy drinks actually dehydrate your body to an extreme degree. It takes an average of eight glasses of water in order to replace the water lost from drinking a single can of an energy drink.

   A new stricter enforcement of the no hoodies and hats rule has been added this year as well.

   “We’ve cracked down on hats this year; we were a little lenient last year but won’t be this time,” Taylor said.

   A large reason for this new change is to eliminate the anonymity of students or other people on campus.

   The biggest new addition to the rules this year is the hall pass and hall color system. The colored hallways include red, orange, green, blue and yellow. 

   This school year students are required to have a hall pass whenever they leave the classroom during a class. Students are required to stay in their color halls under normal circumstances like going to the restroom.

   “I think it’s worked out,” assistant CTE director Morgan Dean said.

   The new system has greatly diminished the traffic in hallways, allowing for a more secure campus, which was a very large issue this previous year.

   “Student’s would go to a bathroom on the other side of the school and congregate in the bathroom which was a huge problem,” Dean said.

   This new set of changes is apparently all that the administrators have in mind so far.

   “We’re sticking to the plan,” Taylor said.