District adds After U program

Sydney R. PIttman, Staff Reporter

  A new after-school program has begun to help students with state test remediation and ACT preparation.

   The After U program is being offered throughout the school district kindergarten through 12th grade. 

   Principal Sid Taylor hand picked the teachers he thought would be best for the job. If the numbers of students increase for the after-school program, more teachers will be selected to help out. 

 “We are here to help them pass this test and be off to college,”science and math teacher Logan Harvard,who will be one of the teachers said.

    According to Taylor, the reason the program is being utilized is to help students reinforce their skills for the ACT or any other test that they take.

For students who have an after-school sport that they cannot miss, administrators are making a schedule very flexible so every student can get the help they need.

   “Every kid should get the same opportunity as other kids,” Taylor said.

   “If you have an ACT test coming up and think you need some extra help you can email me.” assistant principal Brittany Brown said.

   Also, the district has been given access to a free online tutoring service. Paper.co is an online service that provides live help with any school subject. Students can access the website through their clever accounts.