Roberts, Solomon receive top honors


English Teacher Brittney Roberts and Teacher Assistant Bryson Solomon

Halle J. Cecchi, Staff Reporter

 The faculty and staff of GCHS nominated and voted for this year’s top teaching awards.  

   English teacher Brittney Roberts was voted the Teacher of the Year for the 2022-2033 school year. 

   “As you know we have very many amazing teachers here at George County High School. So I hate to be cliche, but it was an honor to be nominated,” Roberts said.

   For the past three years, she has taught English I, English III and a dual enrollment course at the high school. Before she came to George County, she taught public speaking at the Univeristy of South Alabama for two years.

   According to Roberts, while teaching she gives back the same effort she receives from her students. Her motto for her classroom is “You can do hard things.” She not only has to tell this to her students, but occasionally to herself as well. 

   According to freshman Kaydence Lloyd, Roberts puts a lot of time into her teaching. 

“You can tell by the way she does her job; she doesn’t do it because she has to, she does it because she genuinely loves it,” Lloyd said. 

   Selected as Teacher Assistant of the Year was staff member Bryson Solomon.  

   “It makes it even better that it’s from the school district I grew up in,” Solomon said. 

   This is Solomon’s first year teaching. He helps both special education teacher Kelly Dixon and assistant Angie Bond in the daily living skills class. 

   Solomon is trying to not just be a teacher to his students but to be someone they are comfortable talking to. 

   “Even if one life is changed out of all of them, that’s more than enough,” Solomon said.

   Working with Solomon every day, Dixon sees how he connects with the students.
  “He is hardworking and loves these kids,” Dixon said. 

   According to assistant principal Brittany Brown, Roberts and Solomon are very sincere and passionate about their students. 

   “They give so much time during the day and even outside the school to make sure their students know they have teachers in their lives who care about them both inside and outside the classroom,” Brown said.